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Bullet proof vest technology and Fellert Acoustical ceilings

17 April 2012 | Category: Uncategorized

  Here’s another excellent example on how the “Bullet proof vest technology” actually works. Picture this: – Our representative in Denmark, Mute has as showroom in the centre of Copenhagen. In this showroom there are  two cloud installations made with Fellert acoustical ceilings. One with a Secern finish and one with a Sahara finish. These […]

Even Better – 20 years ahead of competition

23 March 2012 | Category: Things happens, Interesting facts, How does it really work, Great Sound, Good Looks, Things happens, Interesting facts

15 – 20 years ago a couple of companies, individually from each other, invented the acoustically absorbent seamless ceiling. At that time it was quite an invention. An invisible absorber, hidden in what appeared to be a gypsum plastered ceiling. The inventions were not perfect. When stained they were difficult to clean, they were fragile […]

The birth of Fellert

17 January 2012 | Category: Uncategorized

Everyone who has been in an empty room knows about the hard, unfriendly atmosphere there. It is not just the fact that there is no furniture, but just as much that every sound made in that room sounds hard, unfriendly and uncomfortable. Everyone who has experienced that has also been amazed by the difference once […]