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Stonehenge. Acoustics like a cathedral

11 June 2013 | Category: Uncategorized

Ancient examples of architecture such as Stonehenge are good for more than attracting green men from outer space or for dancing in on Midsummer clothed in animal hides. New research in archaeoacoustics shows that in principle, Stonehenge has the same acoustical functions as a cathedral, with a rich acoustical environment and considerable reverb.
 And how […]

The Qatari reverb

6 June 2013 | Category: Uncategorized

Places of worship put very specific demands on the architecture. This is nothing new, neither for contractors nor for those who set the specifications. But beautiful, sacred structures only function as intended if the acoustical environment is carefully planned – which isn’t always the case. The large State Mosque in Qatar is an excellent example […]

Cultural observations: Iceland

29 May 2013 | Category: Uncategorized

Kæstur hákarl means fermented shark and is a curiously distinctive dish. The shark is first placed in a pit in the ground, covered with earth, gravel and stone, and left there for up to 12 weeks to mellow. It is then cut into strips and hung up to dry. Months later it’s carved again, this […]

Fellert Ultra installation at Saint Dominique in Paris, France

3 October 2012 | Category: Uncategorized

Our French representative Dacoustie has just finished a nice Fellert Ultra installation at Saint Dominique in Paris, France. Here are some pictures of the ongoing installation.  

Fellert at the State Mosque in Doha

13 September 2012 | Category: Uncategorized

The acoustical consultant Soliflex recently published this Youtube clip regarding their work, including Fellert at the State Mosque in Doha.                           click here    Previous post on the State Mosque:      

2012 CISCA Convention Awards

11 May 2012 | Category: Uncategorized

The 2012 CISCA Convention Awards have recently been official at the convention held in Charlotte, NC. Fellert has a long history of CISCA awards, as the Gold award for Blackhawk hotel , Davenport, IA last year. The Silver award for US Naval academy Annapolis, MD and Gold award for the Nelson Atkins Museum of art, […]

refurbish buildings of cultural value with Fellert

23 April 2012 | Category: How does it really work, Offices, schools & libraries, Theatres, auditoriums & concert halls, How does it really work

Old buildings very often fails to meet up to todays standards of sound environment. At the same time you are very limited in choice of materials when you refurbish such buildings. The cultural value must be kept intact. Imagine that you can use a ceiling and wall material with top of the line performance when […]

Fellert on holy ground

20 March 2012 | Category: Things happens

“When in Rome” one usually says, but “When in London” we just had to go to Abbey Road…

St Gabriel’s church Poway, CA

17 March 2012 | Category: Uncategorized

Hyndman & Hyndman Architecture vision for St. Gabriel’s Roman Catholic Church in Poway, California was old world Spanish mission style, while satisfying requirements for green construction and sound control.   The Fellert Ultra acoustical plaster system supplied by Fellert North America and Calply was chosen to realize this vision.  The ceiling had to be monolithic and […]

the State Mosque in Doha, Qatar

9 March 2012 | Category: Great Sound, Good Looks, Great Sound, Good Looks, Great Sound, Great Sound, Good Looks, Great Sound, Good Looks, Great Sound, Good Looks, Great Sound, Good Looks, Great Sound, Good Looks, Great Sound, Great Sound

Everytime i see pictures from the State Mosque i keep getting amazed by the beautiful architecture and the attention to every detail. It is for sure a privilege to have been selected as a supplier to such a project.