Architecture in all seriousness

10 June 2013 | Category: Great Sound, Good Looks

We’d also like to take the opportunity to pass on a tip about a good book on architecture, even though it is presently only available in Swedish. But for all those with insufficient knowledge of this Eastern Nordic, Indo-European minority language, we thought we’d give you a quick summary.

In Vad är arkitektur och 100 andra jätteviktiga frågor, Gert Wingårdh (one of Sweden’s most well-known architects) and architectural historian Rasmus Waern provide us with some good answers about architecture’s raison d’être. For example, the question “Are words needed? Isn’t it enough to draw?”

The answer: Architects spend more time talking, writing, listening and reading than drawing. For things to turn out the way you want, it’s not just the vision that has to be convincing, but also the arguments.”

Comments on this?

Vad är arkitektur och 100 andra jätteviktiga frågor (What is architecture and 100 other very important questions)

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