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What does Buying a Good Car Sound Like?

30 June 2015 | Category: Showrooms, boutiques & malls, Things happens, Great Sound

I am sitting on the couch and watching a rerun of Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson is trying to drive a Mercedes AMG from England to Oslo faster than his colleagues can get there by ferry and bus. I have seen this episode before, but an episode of Top Gear is always enjoyable no matter how many times […]

Fellert North America – Silver CISCA Construction Excellence Award

29 May 2015 | Category: Things happens, Restaurants, lounges & clubs, Great Sound, Good Looks

Dining is savored with all of your senses Eyes, mouth, ears. It is our mission to provide solutions that assist in making that magic happen. Newly opened Atlas Restaurant at the St. Regis Atlanta is one of those places where you can have that experience. Zurca Construction Solutions Inc. with Fellert certified installers Delta Construction […]

Launch – New Even Better Acoustical System

24 April 2015 | Category: Things happens, Great Sound, Good Looks, products

Create a bridge between materials and gain color consistency Our acoustical coating is now fully incorporated! When using Even Better Acoustical Coating as a complement to our system, we’ve seen a number of benefits: First of all, you’re gaining color consistency and stability – no more integral color. Using integrally colored materials requires skill and […]

Happy Easter!

2 April 2015 | Category: Things happens, Good Looks

/The Fellert team

When surfing inspires architecture

20 March 2015 | Category: Museums, galleries & exhibitions, Things happens, Residences, houses & apartments, Good Looks

When surfing and the waves inspire architecture, interesting projects happen. One of them happened to us in Biarritz, another in Fujisawa. The Wave House, Fujisawa, Kanagawa in Japan, was designed by Appollo Architects & Associates to fit the owner’s surfer lifestyle and connect the indoors with the outdoors. Read more @ Wallpaper* Magazine.  In surfers’ […]

Fellert releases 2 new products – Even Better Acoustical Coating & Even Better Access Panel

17 February 2015 | Category: Things happens, Great Sound, Good Looks, products

Are you bold or are you shy?   Now you can have loud colors in a quiet room. With Even Better Acoustical Coating you can make bold statements but without making a lot of noise. Give a room attitude without sacrificing its acoustical qualities. Maybe you want to freshen up existing walls and ceilings, or […]

Happy Holidays!

22 December 2014 | Category: Things happens

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Our sincere thanks and best wishes for a wonderful year 2015! The Fellert family           Trees of the Architects by Jill Dryer

Happy Holidays!

20 December 2013 | Category: Things happens

Fellert wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (click the picture)  

Summertime in Scandinavia for Fellert’s U.S. sales reps

2 September 2013 | Category: Things happens

When the books were closed on May 1st, one year of competition ended and the winning sales representatives were: 1. MK Marketing 2. Artexture+ 3. the Shannon corporation / the Finish Line (on joint third place) The price was an all inclusive trip to Scandinavia for two, to spend one week enjoying Scandinavian food, cities, […]

New video from our North American Fellert representative

22 March 2013 | Category: Things happens, How does it really work, Great Sound, Good Looks

This is a new video from Fellert North America, our North American sales representative. 90 seconds that explains most of the advantage of using seamless acoustical ceiling systems and especially Fellert, off course! Click here to get to the video Have fun!