Fellert Even Better Secern at the Narva University in Estonia

3 April 2013 | Category: Offices, schools & libraries, Great Sound, Good Looks

Schools are nowadays in the spot light regarding their sound environment and the health issues surrounding it, as well as how it affects the learning capabilities. UK , for example, has its Building Bulletin 93 where section 1 describes the Specification of acoustic performance which gives the targets for acoustic performance according to the part E of the Building regulations 2000.

‘Each room or other space in a school building shall have the acoustic conditions and the insulation against disturbance by noise appropriate to its normal use.’

U.S has its ANSI S12.60-2002, Acoustical Performance Criteria, Design Requirements and Guidelines for Schools standard, to mention another National standard that covers this problem.

This calls for acoustically absorbing products and being put in a rough environment like a school or university,calls for products that are durable, easy to do repair work and maintenance on. Furthermore schools and universities that wants to profile themselves to attract top students, calls for an aesthetically favorable look as well.

Make a note of that we are not only talking about the new schools being built. Implementing room acoustics into a new building is one thing, but it has to be taken care of also in all the existing buildings where some of these can be quite old and of cultural value which limits the possibilities even further.

A lot of these things points in the direction of Fellert and here are some nice pictures from a project installed last year in Estonia with around 1500 m2 of Fellert Even Better Secern installed, to illustrate what we mean by Great Sound, Good Looks!

General contractor was YIT Estonia. Subcontractor was Acoustic Baltia.


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