The new face of Töölö Bay Park area, Helsinki, is emerging

30 January 2015 | Category: Interesting facts, Offices, schools & libraries

The city centre of Helsinki is undergoing a constant change, creating a thriving place for commerce and business as well as for the people living there and those who come to visit.





New ideas are put to the test with existing concepts, sometimes creating a refreshing discussion – we like that – friction fuels development!



One hot topic is the very heart of Helsinki, the Töölö Bay Park. It’s part of the new development and we are now beginning to visualise what the area is going to look like. The park is already the home of Steven Holl’s Kaisma Museum of Contemporary Art which successfully intertwines with the geometry of the city and the surrounding landscape, as well as Helsinki Music Centre and the Finnish National Opera. This is going to be an area where you will experience culture, art, business and greenery all at once. Recreational features are being enhanced, a new Central Library is on its way and new residential and office buildings are being built. One of them, the new KPMG building designed by Aki Davidson is finished, overlooking the park and Alvar Aalto’s Finlandia Hall. visit > KPMG project

Photo: Patrik Lindström

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