Great sound

Great SoundVaulted shapes, special structures, carefully chosen colors and materials. Glass, stone, concrete. Choices that all complicate the opportunities for creating good acoustics. Expansive visions and the desire to give each structural element a distinctive character often involve considerable practical challenges, and not the least when it comes to the acoustical environment. In other words, the challenge of limiting noise and its associated health problems. But fulfillment of architectural dreams need not be at the expense of superior acoustical environments, as we’ve so frankly pointed out in the heading above.The short version ends here – to hear how Fellert actually makes a difference, listen to the audio files (below, to the right). But for those of you who want to find out even more about noise for example, we warmly recommend clicking the first heading below. And if you’re among that small truly dedicated corps that exchanges thoughts on Hz and αw on a daily basis, or if you’re an architect especially curious about the details, it wouldn’t hurt to read more below.

Green properties: Naturally.
Our products are based to a high degree on recycled materials and fully natural raw materials, which generates points per the LEED system. Furthermore, our solutions include all necessary certificates for both public environments and private homes.

Our solutions may only be installed by trained Fellert installers to ensure both function and esthetic qualities.

Before treatment
After treatment

Noise and public health hazards
The low frequencies are the problem