Cité De L’océan Et Du Surf

Biarritz, France

Facts and downloads

  • Architect: Steven Holl Architects, Agence d’architecture X.Leibar, J.M Seigneurin
  • Location: Biarritz, France
  • Area: 3800 m² (40,903 ft²)
  • Fellert Area: 2800 m² (30,139 ft²)
  • Fellert Installer: ALLAIN Ingénierie
  • General contractor: Faura Silva, GTM Sud-Ouest Batiment
  • Type: New construction



When the waves and environment are in focus

Biarritz has always had a strong relationship with the omnipresent Atlantic Ocean. For more than four decades, surfing has been a deep-rooted element of the local culture, and has produced an image and lifestyle that is intimately linked to an active environmental approach and marine culture.

Steven Holl couldn’t have found a better location to realize his Cité de l’Océan et du surf – scientifically, physically or meteorologically. The inverted arch that overlooks the large exhibition hall symbolizes the motion of the sea and gives the building a unique architectonic expression. Using environmentally friendly acoustical solutions from Fellert, consideration has also been taken to both present and future generations.


(Photo: Steven Holl Architects)

Top benefits

  • Focus on green solutions
  • Solely hard materials and large surfaces
  • Unique architectonic expression