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Press contact:
Michael Rosenberg

Fellert Acoustical Ceilings AB
Kyrkängsgatan 6
SE-50338 Borås, Sweden
Phone: +46 (33) 430 23 10

Fellert brings back a chapter in Norwegian architectural history

June 2013 | Category: Project

Swedish Fellert, with its attractive and innovative acoustical solutions for ceilings and walls, has participated in one of Oslo’s most notable construction projects during 2013 – the restoration of an 80-year-old restaurant in the Functionalism style – Restaurang Ingierstrand Bad. The restaurant, situated in a recreational area of stunning natural beauty, opened back in 1934. It was a well-known and well-visited destination for the people of Oslo throughout a greater part of the 1900s, but had since fallen into disrepair. The restaurant – commonly referred to as The White Elephant – is again open for business, meticulously restored with period details and about 50 different original colors.


Swedish designer ceilings enhance sound environments the world over

May 2013 | Category: Company

U.S. Capitol Building in Washington DC. City mosque in Qatar. Audi’s showroom in Le Mans. Swedish Fellert has made a remarkable and rapid transformation from a supplier of basic construction materials into the darling of architects in less than a decade. The company offers an environmentally friendly and seamless ceiling system with considerable flexibility when it comes to form and color, and with unique sound-dampening characteristics. Although the company is based in Sweden, the focus is on export with an ever-expanding distributor network primarily in Asia, Europe and North America. The future’s major architectural challenge is namely acoustical quality.