City National Plaza

515 S Flower St, Los Angeles, California

Facts and downloads

  • Architect: Gensler, Los Angeles
  • Location: 515 S Flower St, Los Angeles, California
  • Fellert Area: 1301 m² (14,004 ft²)
  • Design: Even Better Silk
  • Fellert Installer: Nevell Group Inc
  • General contractor: Pankow
  • Type: Renovation


From bank towers into office complex

Innovation and development take place in every part of our daily lives, whether it be in our personal world or in the world around us. When a situation is evolving and changing so do we along with it. A brilliant example on this is changes in the business world. Companies are evolving and changing, not to say the least about buildings and their flexibility and ability of housing us. Just by redesigning, something old can be made new again.

Gensler Los Angeles redesigned the City National Plaza bank towers on their own city block at 515 S Flower St. While renovating the massive elevator lobbies with old glass tiled ceilings, their challenge to our installer was to adhere the Fellert Even Better Silk system directly to this uneven, reflective substrate. Once the Fellert Silk was applied, the space was transformed drastically. More light reflectance and soft gentle acoustics to welcome the building tenants to their offices from the commotion of a busy LA day.

Top benefits

  • Esthetics and function in harmony.
  • Large surfaces, discriminating interior, good acoustics.
  • Modern working environment with stringent requirement specifications.