Implement Office

Hellerup, Denmark

Facts and downloads

  • Architect: Lars Larsen Retaildesign
  • Location: Hellerup, Denmark
  • Fellert Area: 700 m² (7,535 ft²)
  • Fellert Installer: Mute A/S
  • Type: New construction/renovation



Fellert and the Danish sense of design

Implement Consulting Group advocates forward thinking and implements all changes with force, which you can see in physical form when you visit the company’s new offices in Hellerup, Denmark. Here an old and decrepit Tuborg brewery has become a stunningly beautiful and modern workplace, where the Danish feel for design permeates the spacious interior environment.

The special Danish sense of design is highly tangible in the building; in the midst of this harsh and strict industrial environment, we are unexpectedly greeted with round, dandelion-like luminaires in the ceiling. Fellert’s presence is in the high ceilings, especially in the large hanger-like main hall (the brewery’s old dining and assembly hall), with its unbrushed, concrete-like ceiling. The acoustical challenges were naturally extensive, with a thoroughly singular interior and large surfaces exclusively in hard materials, such as stone, wood and glass. The results however, were a very satisfied client and an environment that both represents the company’s values and is a practical place to work.


(Photo: Mads Fredrik)

Top benefits

  • Esthetics and function in harmony
  • Large surfaces, discriminating interior, good acoustics
  • Modern working environment with stringent requirement specifications