Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

Helsinki, Finland

Facts and downloads

  • Architect: Steven Holl Architects, (Project Arcitect) Timo Kiukkola
  • Location: Helsinki, Finland
  • Fellert Area: 1000 m² (10,764 ft²)
  • Design: Even Better Custom Sahara
  • Fellert Installer: Acoustic Scandinavia Oy
  • Type: Renovation



When Compromise left the building and Design and Acoustics became one

When Steven Holl created Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Töölö Bay Park, he wanted the articulate exterior to interact with the surroundings, but the interior to be quiet, neutral. Letting the art speak.

This doesn’t mean flat or bleak, but silent without being static. There’s a motion to the space. A curved wall interrupts the regularity of the rectangle. The flow continues.

The walls and the ceilings speak the same visual language. They are calm backdrops within the room, but the surfaces are vivid. Or so it was meant to be – instead the surfaces went flat and fragmented when acoustical panels were installed. During the recent renovation however, the original design by architect Steven Holl was recreated. Designer ceilings by Fellert replaced the gypsum boards and panels. Now, the light plays across the textured walls and ceilings. The scratch-coat plaster walls communicate with the seamless ceilings. The custom finish of Even Better Sahara mirrors the texture of the walls – from the Brushed Ruby Red in the entrance and café to the Brushed Grey and White in the gallery.

Top benefits

  • Precision craftsmanship in color, form and finish
  • Building with several functions
  • High esthetic and functional requirements