Töölö Bay Park, Helsinki

Facts and downloads

  • Architect: Aki Davidson (Davidson Tarkela Architects Oy)
  • Location: Töölö Bay Park, Helsinki
  • Fellert Area: 1500 m² (16,146 ft²)
  • Fellert Installer: Acoustic Scandinavia Oy
  • Type: New construction



When the new main office for the international auditing and advisory giant KPMG was being planned, the objectives were sky high — not the least with consideration to the building’s fashionable address and central location. The design would be bold, both with respect to archi- tecture and the environment, while reflecting the values represented by the KPMG name. Fellert’s assignment was to create a just as extraordinary impression on the inside.

The building, with the stunning views of Töölö Bay Park and downtown Helsinki, has an equally striking facade. More than 2,000 glass panels with special prints create a living 3D effect that makes the building stand out and gives it a nearly organic appearance. The Finnish main office is a substantial structure of more than 172,000 square feet (16,000 square meters), with hard surfaces such as glass and stone dominating the interior environments, and large sweeping ceilings. The ceilings are elegant and seamless, as is to be expected with Fellert’s technique, but what’s truly remarkable is the excellent acoustic environment in these expansive spaces.

Davidson Tarkela Architects Oy

Top benefits

  • High esthetic and functional requirements
  • Large surfaces with dominating hard materials
  • Tough environmental requirements:
    LEED Gold Certificate