Maui Ocean Center

Wailuku, Hawaii

Facts and downloads

  • Architect: Pacific Atelier
  • Location: Wailuku, Hawaii
  • Fellert Area: 420 m² (4,521 ft²)
  • Design: Even Better Silk
  • Fellert Installer: Delta Construction
  • Client: Maui Ocean Center
  • Type: New Production


Humpbacks of Hawai’i Exhibit and Sphere

The ocean and its inhabitants have always displayed a beautiful scenery and left the humanity filled with awe and fascination. Not always are we lucky to experience the wonders of our ocean and witness known as well as unknown creatures in firsthand. But through the work of amazing people at a place located in Wailuku, Hawaii, you may get a little closer to the blue unknown.

The Maui Ocean Center’s “Humpbacks of Hawai’i” exhibit and sphere does not only showcase Fellert’s Even Better Silk acoustical plaster system expertly installed by Delta Construction throughout the 58’ dome to provide both the smooth monolithic projection screen for their 4K digital laser projection system as well as superior acoustical absorption to balance its 7.1 surround sound system. But the result is an immersive experience that places viewers in proportion to the humpback whales, just as if you were underwater with them. This exhibit will attract millions of people to come and be a part of the 3D underwater world, bringing humpback whales to life, and inspiring awe and wonder for these majestic giants of the ocean for generations to come.

Take a sneak peak at the exhibition here!

Top benefits

  • An all around experience with high quality sound and picture.
  • Outstanding craftsmanship in form, color and finish.
  • A seamless, smooth finish for showing a 4K laser projection.