Museum of Contemporary Art

Chicago, Illinois

Facts and downloads

  • Architect: JOHNTONMARKLEE, Los Angeles
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • Fellert Area: 750 m² (8,073 ft²)
  • Design: Fellert Even Better Silk
  • Fellert Installer: Skyline Plastering
  • General contractor: E&K of Chicago
  • Type: Renovation


In downtown Chicago, between Michigan Avenue and Lake Michigan, stands the Museum of Contemporary Art, designed by the German functionalist Josef Paul Kleihaus.
After visiting the various exhibits and taking the obligatory photograph of the northern stairwell with its enchanting elliptical design, we recommend a visit to Marisol Restaurant & Bar, where playful groin vaults punctuate the straight, functional lines and create space, thereby allowing Chris Ofili’s jazz and hip-hop flavored art to bloom.

Photo; Kendall McCaugherty – Hall•Merrick Photographers, © MCA Chicago

Top benefits

  • Sophisticated cohesive cross vaults
  • Subtle acoustic environments create the perfect conditions for enjoying both the atmosphere and the food.
  • Precision craftmanship in color, form, and finish.