Andrew Residence

Olathe, Kansas

Facts and downloads

  • Location: Olathe, Kansas
  • Fellert Area: 110 m² (1,184 ft²)
  • Design: Even Better Custom Finish
  • Fellert Installer: Delta Construction
  • General contractor: Gabriel Homes


Open floor plans offer opportunities to link together different parts of the building and create a sense of space.
At the same time, a number of challenges are also identified, such as the acoustic environment, which will play a crucial role.
What is required are area layouts with seamless transitions that also reduce the noise level of the room.

The dog’s name is Chance, if anyone is wondering.

Top benefits

  • Seamless ceiling over the entire area.
  • Specially designed surface texture according to customer preferences.
  • A fantastic acoustic environment, despite an open floor plan and hard materials in walls and floors.