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Cultural observations: Iceland

29 May 2013 | Category: Good Looks, Great Sound, Spiritual places, churches & temples

Kæstur hákarl means fermented shark and is a curiously distinctive dish. The shark is first placed in a pit in the ground, covered with earth, gravel and stone, and left there for up to 12 weeks to mellow. It is then cut into strips and hung up to dry. Months later it’s carved again, this […]

Kansas, land of (Fellert) AHS

23 May 2013 | Category: Good Looks, Museums, galleries & exhibitions

When ranking beautiful buildings and museums in particular, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City usually places high. No one less than famed American architect Steven Holl was behind the renovation – and new construction – of this extraordinary art museum. The Nelson-Atkins Museum is an excellent example of how modern architecture with its […]

A story about wrong decisions a renowned world heritage site

19 May 2013 | Category: Good Looks, Great Sound, Theatres, auditoriums & concert halls

The Sidney Opera House, designed by Danish Architect Jørn Utzon is undeniably a remarkable building and well deserving of its place on the UNESCO list. The white, glossy ceramic tiles on the roof – 1,056,000 to be exact – are made from Swedish clay. The building, which will be reaching the 40-year mark this year, […]

The importance of Great Sound and Good Looks

17 May 2013 | Category: Interesting facts, Good Looks, Great Sound

Imaging yourself having an old castle that you have turned into a hotel and restaurant business, beautifully situated on a hill side, facing a big lake. Something like this:     It is reasonable to believe that you’d like to keep some of the genuine atmosphere also with your interior, kind of like this:   […]

Bad acoustical environments: When we get sick and grades drop

12 May 2013 | Category: Great Sound, Offices, schools & libraries

The debate about noise in school environments has been going on for quite some time, but the good examples are still conspicuous with their absence. Research shows in black and white that noisy environments with poor acoustical properties decrease students’ abilities to concentrate and learn, which naturally leads to lower grades. New findings also show […]

Fellert Even Better is currently installed at Ingierstrands hovedrestaurant in Oslo

7 May 2013 | Category: Great Sound, Restaurants, lounges & clubs

Inigierstrands hovedrestaurant was built in 1934 designed by the architect Schiestad og Mostue. In 2009 a careful renovation of the restaurant began to improve the fire and acoustical properties of the facilities without ruining the cultural value, in close cooperation with the antiquarian of state. The colours are chosen carefully and checked against a colour […]