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Fellert Even Better Secern at Blindern studenthjem in Oslo

25 February 2013 | Category: Good Looks, Great Sound, Offices, schools & libraries

Old heritage buildings doesn’t seldom come with sound problems but there are very few possibilities to correct them as you are limited in what actions to take. You need to preserve the cultural heritage. This is not a big project, just 120 m2. It is not a remarkable ceiling in any way, but that is […]

Fellert in Singapore

24 February 2013 | Category: Interesting facts, Things happens

Singapore is an amazing city, no doubt about it. While here it was hard not to slip into Raffles for a drink. Even more so to stay away from the surely touristic Singapore sling. Good thing thay managed to make a decent dry martini.

Residential Fellert

15 February 2013 | Category: Good Looks, Great Sound, Residences, houses & apartments

Fellert acoustical ceiling systems can be used in more than large galleries, churches, mosques, hotel vestibules etc. With today’s way of building residential houses, wide open areas, tile flooring and large windows often lead to long reverberation times and a poor sound environment. Suddenly your own home is in need of acoustic treatment. Few of […]