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New KU School of Business – designed for learning today while creating ideas for tomorrow

16 October 2016 | Category: products, Good Looks, Great Sound, Offices, schools & libraries, Interesting facts

Team Gensler and Gastinger Walker Harden + BeeTriplett Buck combined global experience in higher education projects and local knowledge when designing and constructing the new University of Kansas School of Business. They’ve used high verticals, low horizontals and risings in between, different materials and textures – places for focus, places for movement. We’re thinking…maybe innovation […]

A creative challenge – a story from our Spanish Installer

30 June 2016 | Category: products, Good Looks, Great Sound, How does it really work, Things happens

DAVISINE paints a Picasso mural Our Spanish representative, Javier Durán from Tecnologia Almendralejo SLL, shared a story about a little project of his, and in turn we wanted to share it with you guys: “My name is Juan Luis Agenjo, or Juanlu; ever since my early teen years I’ve had a need to transfer my […]

This ceiling is working it – Peruvian style

14 April 2016 | Category: products, Good Looks, Great Sound, Restaurants, lounges & clubs, Case

Pisco Y Nazca, a recently opened gastrobar in Miami is going all in; the interior design by Celano Design Studios, the chef Miguel Fernandez, and the authentic ingredients – all of it carefully selected. The interior has been designed to set the atmosphere right away and every surface has been used quiet brilliantly. Check it […]

Mall of Scandinavia – Scandinavian design on more than one level

14 December 2015 | Category: products, Good Looks, Great Sound, Showrooms, boutiques & malls

The construction of Northern Europe’s biggest shopping mall and leisure destination is now complete. The building’s architectonic design was inspired by nature, the nearby Stockholm archipelago, and the four elements. Mall of Scandinavia is certified in accordance with the environmental and sustainability standard, BREEAM, and achieved an Excellent rating for its design phase, one of the […]

When Design Intent said -No way! I want it all

31 October 2015 | Category: products, Good Looks, Great Sound, Museums, galleries & exhibitions

Good Looks Great Sound at KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art The museum of contemporary art in the heart of Helsinki recently reopened after a renovation where one of the issues was – how do we get the original Steven Holl-look and keep the acoustics at the same time? Follow the ceilings’ journey from gypsum boards […]

Launch – New Even Better Acoustical System

24 April 2015 | Category: products, Good Looks, Great Sound, Things happens

Create a bridge between materials and gain color consistency Our acoustical coating is now fully incorporated! When using Even Better Acoustical Coating as a complement to our system, we’ve seen a number of benefits: First of all, you’re gaining color consistency and stability – no more integral color. Using integrally colored materials requires skill and […]

Fellert releases 2 new products – Even Better Acoustical Coating & Even Better Access Panel

17 February 2015 | Category: Things happens, products, Good Looks, Great Sound

Are you bold or are you shy?   Now you can have loud colors in a quiet room. With Even Better Acoustical Coating you can make bold statements but without making a lot of noise. Give a room attitude without sacrificing its acoustical qualities. Maybe you want to freshen up existing walls and ceilings, or […]