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New approach to building. Less spread of disease

12 June 2013 | Category: Good Looks, Hospitals, clinics & care centres

The new infectious disease clinic in Malmö, Sweden has attracted considerable international attention. Personnel at the clinic were permitted to participate in planning the building and collaborated with the architects throughout the project.
 The architecture became the primary tool in safeguarding against the spread of infectious diseases with wards that can be quickly isolated and […]

Stonehenge. Acoustics like a cathedral

11 June 2013 | Category: Great Sound, Spiritual places, churches & temples

Ancient examples of architecture such as Stonehenge are good for more than attracting green men from outer space or for dancing in on Midsummer clothed in animal hides. New research in archaeoacoustics shows that in principle, Stonehenge has the same acoustical functions as a cathedral, with a rich acoustical environment and considerable reverb.
 And how […]

Architecture in all seriousness

10 June 2013 | Category: Good Looks, Great Sound

We’d also like to take the opportunity to pass on a tip about a good book on architecture, even though it is presently only available in Swedish. But for all those with insufficient knowledge of this Eastern Nordic, Indo-European minority language, we thought we’d give you a quick summary. In Vad är arkitektur och 100 […]

Fellert Ultra at the American Swedish institute in Minneapolis

6 June 2013 | Category: Good Looks, Great Sound, Government, city & town halls

Pretty obvious when you think about it, that a Fellert ceiling would end up in a place like the LEED Gold certified American Swedish institute in Minneapolis. You could only imagine what other Swedish design companies that would have contributed to make this institute look as nice as it does. With risk of repeating ourselves […]

The Qatari reverb

6 June 2013 | Category: Great Sound, Spiritual places, churches & temples

Places of worship put very specific demands on the architecture. This is nothing new, neither for contractors nor for those who set the specifications. But beautiful, sacred structures only function as intended if the acoustical environment is carefully planned – which isn’t always the case. The large State Mosque in Qatar is an excellent example […]

Fellert in Norway: perfectly restored functionalism environment

4 June 2013 | Category: Restaurants, lounges & clubs, Good Looks, Great Sound

Restaurang Ingierstrand Bad and the adjoining recreational area on the banks of the Oslo Fjord were inaugurated in 1934 and quickly became a favorite destination for the people of Oslo by offering the future – Functionalism, public bathing facilities and leisure!
 For many years, special ferries traveled between downtown Oslo and the facility, with up […]