Fellert in Norway: perfectly restored functionalism environment

4 June 2013 | Category: Restaurants, lounges & clubs, Great Sound, Good Looks

Restaurang Ingierstrand Bad and the adjoining recreational area on the banks of the Oslo Fjord were inaugurated in 1934 and quickly became a favorite destination for the people of Oslo by offering the future – Functionalism, public bathing facilities and leisure!

For many years, special ferries traveled between downtown Oslo and the facility, with up to 120,000 visitors in a single season during the peak years. Unfortunately, this fantastic restaurant in the Functionalism style – referred to as The White Elephant by Oslo residents – with its expansive terrace and mushroom-shaped dance floor fell into neglect and decay over the years.
 Eighty years, a pardon from the Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Norway and 50 million Norwegian crowns later, reservations can once again be placed at this beautiful summer restaurant.
 The building was meticulously renovated to near-original condition after careful study of photographs and documents from 1934 to determine among other things, the correct shades of color on the ceilings and walls, and even textile structures.

“The focus has been on making time stand still – as if we hadn’t done anything at all,” says Mette Værnes, architect from Oslobyrån Arkitektskap. “And we’ve really succeeded.”
 The characteristic saw-tooth ceiling was a special challenge in design, with its many color combinations, and naturally a dream project for Feller.

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