Monthly Archives: September 2013

Not as hard as you might think!

25 September 2013 | Category: Great Sound, Good Looks

We had the funniest assignment from one of the more renowned architecture offices in London last week:- To make a sample to look like a rough-cast concrete.It was in itself nothing new, as we have done it before.What was different about this was that it would be speckled, in two shades of gray and without […]

A great building getting even better in France, the city hall of Belley.

19 September 2013 | Category: Government, city & town halls, Great Sound, Good Looks

The city of Belley in France made a decision to renovate their old city hall to be used as a host for temporary exhibitions.The city hall was built in 1860 and was designed by the architect Depierre. The building itself is pompous and will be even more stunning after the renovation.The task, given to the […]

Great Sound Good Looks – In the center of Borås!

5 September 2013 | Category: Offices, schools & libraries

We at Fellert are used to send our products all over the world; the Middle East, Asia, South and North America are just some of the places that choose Fellert. In this case, it only took less than 5 minutes for the truck to arrive. In the center of Borås there is a 150 year […]

Summertime in Scandinavia for Fellert’s U.S. sales reps

2 September 2013 | Category: Things happens

When the books were closed on May 1st, one year of competition ended and the winning sales representatives were: 1. MK Marketing 2. Artexture+ 3. the Shannon corporation / the Finish Line (on joint third place) The price was an all inclusive trip to Scandinavia for two, to spend one week enjoying Scandinavian food, cities, […]