Summertime in Scandinavia for Fellert’s U.S. sales reps

2 September 2013 | Category: Things happens

When the books were closed on May 1st, one year of competition ended and the winning sales representatives were:
1. MK Marketing
2. Artexture+
3. the Shannon corporation / the Finish Line (on joint third place)

The price was an all inclusive trip to Scandinavia for two, to spend one week enjoying Scandinavian food, cities, the nature and a lot of fun activities in between.

For those sales reps who didn’t make it this time, please look at the pictures below to get some inspiration and Better luck next time!

One response to “Summertime in Scandinavia for Fellert’s U.S. sales reps”

  1. and if someone should be interested in the very nice looking, seamless restaurant ceiling in one of the pictures, it is off course a Fellert Even Better Ceiling and the restaurant is the Retour steak in the centre of Copenhagen.

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