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Hazeltine National Golf Club – award to Fellert

29 September 2016 | Category: Things happens, Interesting facts, Restaurants, lounges & clubs, Great Sound, Good Looks

Sharing a memory with you: Great score in 2012 for our ceilings at the club house, Hazeltine National Golf Club, host of Ryder Cup 2016! Go Stenson!! Right, Fellert North America?! Hazeltine National Golf Club, Chaska, Minn., USA

Design and contemporary Lebanese flavors – Iconic restaurant opening soon in Kuwait City

22 September 2016 | Category: Things happens, Restaurants, lounges & clubs, Great Sound, Good Looks

Iconic Lebanese restaurant, famous for it’s striking architecture and contemporary spin on traditional Lebanese cuisine, is soon taking their love for exclusive dining to the seaside promenade, Kuwait City. Panoramic views and majestic sandstone walls meet 10 m high ceilings, clad in Fellert’s dark chocolate Even Better Secern to create the right ambiance.

Fellert CISCA Silver award for Pisco Y Nazca

21 April 2016 | Category: Restaurants, lounges & clubs, Case, Things happens, Great Sound, Good Looks

  Good job Fellert NA & Delta Construction LLC!! to > project Gastrobar Pisco y Nazca

This ceiling is working it – Peruvian style

14 April 2016 | Category: Case, Restaurants, lounges & clubs, Great Sound, Good Looks, products

Pisco Y Nazca, a recently opened gastrobar in Miami is going all in; the interior design by Celano Design Studios, the chef Miguel Fernandez, and the authentic ingredients – all of it carefully selected. The interior has been designed to set the atmosphere right away and every surface has been used quiet brilliantly. Check it […]

It’s not grey hair that makes you old

26 February 2016 | Category: Interesting facts, The incomparable Fellert humor, Restaurants, lounges & clubs, Great Sound

All my life I’ve heard the expression “old and grey”, so imagine my surprise when instead of going grey, I lost most of my hair in my early thirties. But me old? No, definitely not. Because you’re not old just because you’ve stopped sleeping in tents at rock festivals. The Hilton is almost walking distance […]

Fellert North America – Silver CISCA Construction Excellence Award

29 May 2015 | Category: Good Looks, Things happens, Restaurants, lounges & clubs, Great Sound

Dining is savored with all of your senses Eyes, mouth, ears. It is our mission to provide solutions that assist in making that magic happen. Newly opened Atlas Restaurant at the St. Regis Atlanta is one of those places where you can have that experience. Zurca Construction Solutions Inc. with Fellert certified installers Delta Construction […]

Another example of bad acoustic solutions

14 October 2013 | Category: Restaurants, lounges & clubs, Great Sound, Good Looks

When Waynes Coffee moved into the old City hall building of Borås, they wanted for obvious reasons to decorate the facilities according to their own concept. Already installed there was an acoustical tile ceiling. Wrong color, but that can easily be repainted. – too bad that it no longer absorbs any sound after the paint […]

Fellert in Norway: perfectly restored functionalism environment

4 June 2013 | Category: Restaurants, lounges & clubs, Great Sound, Good Looks

Restaurang Ingierstrand Bad and the adjoining recreational area on the banks of the Oslo Fjord were inaugurated in 1934 and quickly became a favorite destination for the people of Oslo by offering the future – Functionalism, public bathing facilities and leisure!
 For many years, special ferries traveled between downtown Oslo and the facility, with up […]

Fellert Even Better is currently installed at Ingierstrands hovedrestaurant in Oslo

7 May 2013 | Category: Restaurants, lounges & clubs, Great Sound

Inigierstrands hovedrestaurant was built in 1934 designed by the architect Schiestad og Mostue. In 2009 a careful renovation of the restaurant began to improve the fire and acoustical properties of the facilities without ruining the cultural value, in close cooperation with the antiquarian of state. The colours are chosen carefully and checked against a colour […]

Fellert Hong Kong Cantonese dinner experience

6 March 2013 | Category: Things happens, The incomparable Fellert humor, Restaurants, lounges & clubs

One of many advantages of travelling the world is that you can experience a lot of different kitchens and local dishes. These pictures are from a very nice Cantonese restaurant in Hong Kong where we had a very nice dinner. On the menu were Duck tounge, 1000 year eggs & pork belly just to mention […]