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Mall of Scandinavia – Scandinavian design on more than one level

14 December 2015 | Category: products, Good Looks, Great Sound, Showrooms, boutiques & malls

The construction of Northern Europe’s biggest shopping mall and leisure destination is now complete. The building’s architectonic design was inspired by nature, the nearby Stockholm archipelago, and the four elements. Mall of Scandinavia is certified in accordance with the environmental and sustainability standard, BREEAM, and achieved an Excellent rating for its design phase, one of the […]

Benoy about the Promenade – We like!

30 November 2015 | Category: Good Looks, Great Sound, Showrooms, boutiques & malls

Fellert’s Even Better Silk adds purpose to multipurpose $13 billion resort Galaxy Macau

24 July 2015 | Category: Good Looks, Great Sound, Hotels, spas & resorts, Showrooms, boutiques & malls, Case

Galaxy Macau is a one of Asia’s largest projects within leisure and hospitality. It is also one of Forbes’ highest ranked destinations. Money is no object. Making the most out of each square meter is. Mixed use is on everybody’s lips today. We hear you! and if Yoda had been an architect he might have […]

What does Buying a Good Car Sound Like?

30 June 2015 | Category: Showrooms, boutiques & malls, Great Sound, Things happens

I am sitting on the couch and watching a rerun of Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson is trying to drive a Mercedes AMG from England to Oslo faster than his colleagues can get there by ferry and bus. I have seen this episode before, but an episode of Top Gear is always enjoyable no matter how many times […]

Our world amongst seamless acoustic ceilings is not black and white.

14 November 2013 | Category: Good Looks, Great Sound, Showrooms, boutiques & malls

Most Fellert-ceilings around the world are white. If they are not white, they are usually in a bright color. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, but the rainbow contains more colors than that. We declare that Fellert Even Better manage all RAL and NCS colors. For this reason, it is particularly amusing for us to be […]

Fellert Ultra acoustical ceiling at Design station Finland

11 April 2012 | Category: Good Looks, Great Sound, Airports, terminals & stations, Showrooms, boutiques & malls

Not the biggest, but definitely a nice project installed by our Finnish representative Acoustic Scandinavia. The system used is the Fellert Ultra.