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Reasons to go seamless

31 March 2012 | Category: How does it really work, Interesting facts

95% of all ceilings installed around the world are not seamless acoustical. Most of them are painted drywall or gypsum plastered or when sound absorption is the priority, absorbing tiles. Regardless of how hard Ecophon and Armstrong tries, absorbing tiles are not beautiful. They are not something you hang up for the beautiful design. They […]

Bloody Mary in hotel bar in GDansk

31 March 2012 | Category: The incomparable Fellert humor, Interesting facts

The Fellert quest for the perfect Bloody Mary continues, this time in Poland. Great taste but it could have been a bit more spicy. Very nicely presented and definitely an extra point for the decorations. We’ll rate this 7 Baldheads out of 10.     The current top three standings are, so far: The Knickerbocker […]

Acoustic treatment makes a difference

29 March 2012 | Category: How does it really work, Interesting facts

If you haven’t been exposed to the magic of acoustical plaster yet, make sure to take your time and play the two Youtube videos in the bottom of this blog-post. It is when you enter a room in the size of a cathedral but when you start to speak it sounds like you are standing […]

The Eggshell effect

28 March 2012 | Category: Interesting facts, How does it really work

Eggs are remarkable creations. Not only because they are the beginning of a new life or because they are good and healthy eating. In this case i’m thinking more about the design of the egg. A soft core is surrounded by a thin hard shell with a smooth texture. if you hold it in your […]

Fellert at Cité de l´Ocean et du Surf

26 March 2012 | Category: Good Looks, Great Sound, Museums, galleries & exhibitions

The Steven Holl designed Cité de iÓcean et du Surf is one of our Case studies that can be found both at the website and in our Portfolio which is included in our architectural sample boxes. This is an article from the U.S. magazine ARCHITECT.   Klick Here  

Bloody Mary at Lounge bar Hilton London Metropole

25 March 2012 | Category: The incomparable Fellert humor, Interesting facts

Definitely a standard Bloody Mary but very well balanced. 7 Baldheads out of 10, but it could have gained some more points if better decorated and where is the orange?  

Even Better – 20 years ahead of competition

23 March 2012 | Category: Good Looks, Great Sound, How does it really work, Interesting facts, Things happens, History (if we were allowed to write it)

15 – 20 years ago a couple of companies, individually from each other, invented the acoustically absorbent seamless ceiling. At that time it was quite an invention. An invisible absorber, hidden in what appeared to be a gypsum plastered ceiling. The inventions were not perfect. When stained they were difficult to clean, they were fragile […]

Eco Build London

22 March 2012 | Category: Things happens

Earlier this week we spent a day visiting the Eco Build Exhibition at Excel London. It’s said to be quite a big exhibition with around 1300 exhibitors and 60 000 visitors. For being the first morning, the first day it seemed to be quite crowded. Our main target was to visit the RIBA stand to […]

Fellert at Navy Academy Portugal

21 March 2012 | Category: Good Looks, Great Sound, Offices, schools & libraries

Some nice pictures from our Portuguese rep AcustekPro.

Fellert on holy ground

20 March 2012 | Category: Spiritual places, churches & temples, Great Sound, Things happens

“When in Rome” one usually says, but “When in London” we just had to go to Abbey Road…