Not as hard as you might think!

25 September 2013 | Category: Great Sound, Good Looks
We had the funniest assignment from one of the more renowned architecture offices in London last week:- To make a sample to look like a rough-cast concrete.It was in itself nothing new, as we have done it before.What was different about this was that it would be speckled, in two shades of gray and without being painted!

The most funny thing happened when we sat down together with a couple of our supervisors and discussed how we would do it.

Olof Strömberg, our latest addition to the sales side, with other words a fairly new employee without any experience from the installation side, he walked past, listened for a while to the discussion and said:

– How hard can it be? Let me try.

Sure, do it, we said without really believing in it! Here you can see the result.


We were happy and what is even more fun, the customer was satisfied and specified us.


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