A creative challenge – a story from our Spanish Installer

30 June 2016 | Category: Things happens, How does it really work, Great Sound, Good Looks, products

DAVISINE paints a Picasso mural

Our Spanish representative, Javier Durán from Tecnologia Almendralejo SLL, shared a story about a little project of his, and in turn we wanted to share it with you guys:

“My name is Juan Luis Agenjo, or Juanlu; ever since my early teen years I’ve had a need to transfer my impressions from events of the daily life into images, it’s been an entirely self-taught process over the years.

During this vital process I teamed up with David Tena Morales (DAVISINE), a graffiti artist and my best friend.

In 2008 I started to work as an installer of sound absorbing materials, but they didn’t offer the possibility of being able to paint or draw which was frustrating as I wanted to unleash my creativity.

In 2011 we found the “sound absorption product of the XXI century”, Even Better by Fellert and since then, due to the almost total versatility of it, I was able to combine the two most important facets of my professional life: acoustics and image.

After installing the Even Better Silk on the wall of my living room, we drew the painting GUERNICA from Picasso, pictured in this brief synopsis of my everyday professional life.

We chose the Guernica for it’s challenging composition. It was an inspiring task for both of us – for me to achieve the nexus of both concepts, and for my best friend, DAVISINE, because of the complexity of the drawing, including many shades of grey.

We started with the usual application of the Silk to the wall. Then we applied the coating with brushes of different sizes to do the outlines of the figures and an airbrush to fill and blur them up, always following the recommendations to keep full absorption.

Thanks to the Even Better system by Fellert, fusing design and acoustics, we’ll be able to not only choose any shade of color but also draw images, phrases, mosaics and more to create a unique design while achieving full absorption power at the same time.

We are very proud to be the first and only owners of a sound absorbing Guernica in the world! Llerena, Spain, June 2016”

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