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24 April 2015 | Category: Things happens, Great Sound, Good Looks, products

Create a bridge between materials and gain color consistency

Photo: Mikael Lindén

Photo: Mikael Lindén

Our acoustical coating is now fully incorporated! When using Even Better Acoustical Coating as a complement to our system, we’ve seen a number of benefits:

First of all, you’re gaining color consistency and stability – no more integral color.

Using integrally colored materials requires skill and craftsmanship. Installing acoustical ceilings still does, but Even Better Acoustical Coating is ready-to-use and makes it simpler to achieve a consistent color without a mottled look when using dark or rich colors.

Color matching with adjoining surfaces is easier as well. Just continue with the coating on the adjoining material – plasterboard, acoustic panel, etc. – for a faultless match. Visible parts, like trims and C-channels on colored surfaces are no longer a problem. When Even Better Acoustical Coating is applied it also covers the molding, which receives the same color as the plaster for a perfect match.

Color variations between different surface structures are things of the past too, which means that Silk, Sahara and Secern can be used side by side.

Additionally, acoustical plaster is still more sensitive than painted plasterboard, but the coated surface makes cleaning and maintenance a whole different story compared to the previous finish. Also, we all know that sometimes accidents happen – now patching and repairs are easier, go faster and with a better result.

In short, the new Even Better Acoustical System provides color stability and a more durable and resistant surface. These are qualities that increase the service life of the product, which also means that we can extend the standard guarantee to 5 years.

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