BMW = Fellert Even Better

30 April 2014 | Category: Museums, galleries & exhibitions, Great Sound, Good Looks

Boulevard de Waterloo is the Champs Élysées or Oxford Street of Brussels.

A street where many internationally recognized companies have chosen to locate their boutiques and showrooms.

One of the companies who recently decided to open up a showroom there, is BMW.

The cars from BMW and the showroom itself goes hand in hand. They both radiate performance and design.


With that background, it is not very surprising that Fellert Even Better were the selected  material for the walls and ceilings.

Customized entirely to the client’s requirements, more than 900 m2 of Fellert Even Better Silk were installed in the ceilings, followed by a wall and ceiling area of approximately 1500 m2 with the exact appearance of raw concrete. This texture is totally unique for this project.


The pictures speaks for themselves when speaking about design. The walls look like concrete. The smooth, white, monolithic ceilings stretches throughout the entire facility. Just as beautiful as the lines of the BMW’s 6-series. It is hard to grasp that these surfaces actually has yet another function.


The function allows large crowds of people to reside there at the same time. Conversations can take place without being disturbed by the surrounding noise. The staff doesn’t have to deal with headache, tiredness or problems to concentrate

It is, in other words, possible to combine sound absorption and design!


This is what we call performance!


Nothing of this would have happened without our excellent representative in Belgium, Engepar SA.

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