Fellert Even Better, an important part of the new Bloch building at UMKC.

26 May 2014 | Category: Offices, schools & libraries, Great Sound, Good Looks

Thanks to a donation of 32 MUSD from Henry W. Bloch, a new building for Entrepreneurship and innovation were built at the university in Kansas City, UMKC.

A Project team of, to mention a few, BNIM Architects, MRY Architects and the General Contractor J.E. Dunn, stand behind the project. The installation of the Fellert system were magnificently done by E&K from Kansas City.

The result became a beautiful yet highly functional building with  several unique facilities which contains unique possibilities for state of the art, innovative teaching techniques.

We are off course, needless to say, very happy that Fellert has a natural place in this context!

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