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4 December 2013 | Category: Government, city & town halls, Great Sound, Good Looks
There was a time when offices were designed to be practical workplaces, nothing else. We imagine rooms that all look the same, in the same size and with the same decor. Just simply, square and practical.







As young, innovative companies made their way into the 2000s, the attitude to the office and its design was changed. A cosy and attractive office can make a difference, for example, when recruiting excellence. Of course one would like to work for a company that really shows how successful and innovative they are, rather than for a company that is still stuck in the norm from 1972.

nice_office1 nice_office2 nice_office3

Fellert Even Better is designed to meet the requirements of sound environment demanded of modern buildings today, whilst it does not restrict the original design initiative at the same time.

What do we mean by that?
– Well, early in the design phase, one does not put so much emphasis on the technical aspects. The shape, colour and surface are important for creating the right expressions. It is not until the design is to be realized that you have to start worrying about whether you meet the requirements and standards that exist for modern construction. It almost always involves a number of concessions in the original design.
If one chooses to work with products like Fellert Even Better, which can be varied in a wide range of variations of colour, shape and surface structure, the concessions will be minimized. Just take a look here.


The images are taken from Dassault Systems in Waltham, MA
The architect is Elkus Manfredi Architects and acoustic consultant Acentech.



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