I leave the lights on as I fall asleep that night

30 September 2015 | Category: Interesting facts, The incomparable Fellert humor, Hotels, spas & resorts, Good Looks

betraktelse_sågtandstak_collage_900x588I convince myself that they actually think it’s attractive and leave the lights on as I fall asleep that night…

King Gustav V was the distinguished Swedish regent who took Sweden through two world wars. Besides having a stretch of road named after him where his car once skidded into a ditch, he was also known for his interest in sports and the arts.

Under Gustav V’s reign a barracks building was built for six companies on the idyllic grounds of the Royal Haga Park. It is a strikingly beautiful building in the neoclassical style with two wings, 112 meters long, situated on the shore of Brunsviken. With the evolution of the Swedish military over the years, the barracks are no longer needed and the building now houses among other things, a hotel and spa.

It isn’t difficult to see that the building wasn’t commissioned by just anyone. The architecture is incredible. The surroundings are as taken from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and I almost expect to run into Puck at any time as I navigate the long corridors. I even come up with a clever reply to “Human beings are to be pitied” when I realize that it was Strindberg’s Indra who delivered that classic line. As luck would have it, Puck doesn’t make an appearance.

But a deer gives me a long look as I pass by a window. Whether the deer pities humans can’t be said.

The atmosphere is elating. I feel inspiration and strength. With no premonition of what is soon to come, I decide that today, great deeds will be accomplished!

But first a hearty breakfast. Great deeds cannot be accomplished on an empty stomach.

I make my way up the stairs to the restaurant, a pavilion with expansive windows and a strikingly beautiful sawtooth ceiling. I know the view will be stunning of Brunnsviken; I’ve already checked it out from my balcony a few minutes prior. I would have a delicious omelet, but as a come up the stairs, I come to a sudden halt as if turned to stone for what feels like an eternity. My first instinct is to turn and flee, but I cannot move.

What have they done with the ceiling? That beautiful sawtooth ceiling. Who? Why?

I take my breakfast, but the omelet is tasteless, the coffee is weak, the juice is watery. I leave the restaurant overcome with astonishment.

The image of the ceiling remains with me the rest of the day. There will be no great deeds today. It will just be another day on the job.

In the evening when I lay down to sleep, the image is as tattooed on the inside of my eyelids. It won’t go away. I can’t get to sleep no matter how hard I try.

With a supreme effort, I convince myself that what they’ve done is surely because they thought it would be attractive. And with the lights on, the tattooing isn’t quite as noticeable. I finally drop off to sleep.


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