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Bite me, it must be Fellert

30 August 2012 | Category: Uncategorized

As a sales representative you need to be prepared for anything. Architects that turns and twists, press and scratch etc. are everyday business for our sales representative, but one of these people took it to a completely new dimension. Just look!                           Here’s […]

Fellert at the Highfield Humanities College in Blackpool

28 August 2012 | Category: Uncategorized

WRR UK just handed over the Alpha installation of Fellert at the Highfield Humanities College in Blackpool. This college has several glass roof atriums and the solution was therefore to treat the vertical wall sections with Fellert Alpha, creating a monolitic look, or as we say: “to act without being seen”  

Fellert at the Liverpool central library

27 August 2012 | Category: Offices, schools & libraries, Offices, schools & libraries

WRR UK is currently installing Fellert at the Liverpool central library, being one of the first Even Better Silk installations in the UK. The large dome in the centre of the building is left untreated, creating a massive sound projection towards the centre of the room, while the ceilings in the outer perimeter are covered […]

Bloody Mary at the old pumphouse in Liverpool

25 August 2012 | Category: Things happens, The incomparable Fellert humor, Things happens, The incomparable Fellert humor

The old pumphouse right at the Docks in beautiful Liverpool surely is a nice pub, but Bloody Mary was not their cup of tea. They even made it out of botteled drink mix and completely without any kind of decoration. 1 Baldguy out of 10 for that

If printed pictures would be accompanied with sound

21 August 2012 | Category: Uncategorized

One thing strikes me after reading architects and interior decoration magazines for several years. On almost every picture displayed there is a neutral white smooth seamless ceiling. This is no coincidence. The natural smooth seamless ceiling is chosen because it doesn’t interfere with what the designer believes to be important regardless of whether it is […]

Fellert acoustical ceilings on curved surfaces

20 August 2012 | Category: Interesting facts, How does it really work, Great Sound, Good Looks, Interesting facts, Great Sound, Good Looks, Great Sound, Good Looks, Great Sound, Good Looks

Fellert’s way of using unfaced absorbent boards which can be installed directly to a suspension grid or glued to various backings such as GWB, concrete etc. makes it especially suitable for curved surfaces. Most ceilings needs some sort of special arrangements in order be suitable for curved ceilings. Making a special arrangement basically means that […]