Inflated NRC

12 March 2012 | Category: Interesting facts, The incomparable Fellert humor, How does it really work

A while ago our American colleagues went ballistic about the latest absorption data published by one of our competitors.

Why? -simply because the competitor had managed to manipulate the test specimen in a way that gave them approximately 0,2 extra NRC. A product with an NRC of 0,7 would then suddenly, like magic, have an NRC of 0,9.

How? – look at this flyer, made by our US colleagues (in fury):





















This is marketing at its best. There is nothing wrong in saying that they can achieve an NRC of 0,9 but what they forget to mention is that you can’t apply the product on larger surfaces than 72 sq ft which is approximately 7 m2.

A little bit like the tv – commercials about the latest detergents, isn’t it??

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