Riba CPD

30 May 2012 | Category: Things happens

Fellert is currently working on setting up a Riba CPD presentation, so yesterday we visited the Royal Institute of British Architects in the heart of London for a pre-assement meeting.

We are aiming for a presentation that will explain how seamless acoustical plaster functions, when it is preferable to use in comparison with other sound absorbing materials, how to use it in specific environments like museums, galleries, churches, mosques, offices, schools, hospitals etc. and finally how to write a proper specification.

The pre-assement meeting went very well. we got quite a few useful hints on how to improve the presentation, so now remains only hard work to get it done.

And last but not least, to find a good headline for the presentation.


More information on RIba CPD can be found on the Riba webpage:


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