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Fellert Hong Kong Cantonese dinner experience

6 March 2013 | Category: Things happens, The incomparable Fellert humor, Restaurants, lounges & clubs

One of many advantages of travelling the world is that you can experience a lot of different kitchens and local dishes. These pictures are from a very nice Cantonese restaurant in Hong Kong where we had a very nice dinner. On the menu were Duck tounge, 1000 year eggs & pork belly just to mention […]

Fellert in Singapore

24 February 2013 | Category: Things happens, Interesting facts

Singapore is an amazing city, no doubt about it. While here it was hard not to slip into Raffles for a drink. Even more so to stay away from the surely touristic Singapore sling. Good thing thay managed to make a decent dry martini.

Fellert Even Better is currently installed on Heart of Doha project in Qatar

25 January 2013 | Category: Things happens, Government, city & town halls, Great Sound, Good Looks

As i’m just back from a week in Doha Qatar to visit the ongoing Fellert Even Better Silk installation at Msheireb Properties gigantic project Heart of Doha. The Fellert system is installed by InterID as a subcontractor to Hyundai Construction. Although the installation of the almost 15 000 m2  has just started i’d like to […] has been under attack.

11 January 2013 | Category: Things happens

During almost 3 Months, has been under attack by hackers who have been able to find back doors and manage to redirect the site to various sites with dubious content. This has been very frustrating for us and it has forced us to make a lot of changes to the site to close […]

Fellert Even Better Silk at Msheireb Downtown Doha, Qatar

28 September 2012 | Category: Things happens, Government, city & town halls, Great Sound, Good Looks

Fellert has just made an agreement with the Korean contractor Hyundai and its subcontractor InterID for the supply of approximately 15 000 m2 of Fellert Even Better Silk for the first phase of the 31 hectare spread Msheireb Downtown Doha, Qatar, also known as Heart of Doha.                 […]

Bite me, it must be Fellert

30 August 2012 | Category: Things happens, The incomparable Fellert humor

As a sales representative you need to be prepared for anything. Architects that turns and twists, press and scratch etc. are everyday business for our sales representative, but one of these people took it to a completely new dimension. Just look!                           Here’s […]

Bloody Mary at the old pumphouse in Liverpool

25 August 2012 | Category: Things happens, The incomparable Fellert humor

The old pumphouse right at the Docks in beautiful Liverpool surely is a nice pub, but Bloody Mary was not their cup of tea. They even made it out of botteled drink mix and completely without any kind of decoration. 1 Baldguy out of 10 for that

Fellert wishes you all a happy midsummers eve

21 June 2012 | Category: Things happens, Interesting facts

Tomorrow at the 22:nd of June, it’s time to celebrate the midsummers eve here in Sweden. This is probably one of the more important festivities for us and everywhere you look people are getting reedy for the big feast. Children are collecting flowers for their flower wreaths and the young people are planning on how […]

Swedish national day

6 June 2012 | Category: Things happens, Interesting facts

Today, the 6:th of June we are celebrating the Swedish national day. We all count on that you will support us by eating meatballs, wait patiently in line when queing and tries to do everything “lagom” much.

Riba CPD

30 May 2012 | Category: Things happens

Fellert is currently working on setting up a Riba CPD presentation, so yesterday we visited the Royal Institute of British Architects in the heart of London for a pre-assement meeting. We are aiming for a presentation that will explain how seamless acoustical plaster functions, when it is preferable to use in comparison with other sound […]