Hospital Acoustics with Fellert Even Better

10 October 2013 | Category: Hospitals, clinics & care centres, Great Sound, Good Looks

“Doubling the amount of acoustic absorption present in a room halves the total sound energy, leading to a 3 dB reduction in reverberant noise level” states a website set up by Sheffield University in cooperation with Ramboll Acoustics, called Hospital Acoustics.

This is especially interesting since acoustic levels in today’s hospitals are very high.
– CISCA states in a white paper from 2010 that, on average, daytime levels have risen 0,38 dB and nighttime levels have risen 0,42 dB – each year regardless of what type of hospital or facility that were examined.


Imagine that replacing a standard painted gypsum ceiling by a high performing acoustic ceiling like for example the Fellert Even Better Silk, would increase the acoustic absorption 5 times or more. That will do miracles in terms of reverberant noise levels!

We, at Fellert, recommends to read the white paper from CISCA as an introduction to Acoustics in Healthcare environments, although it completely forgets about the benefits in terms of hygiene and design to use a seamless acoustic ceiling like Fellert Even Better Silk instead of plain ceiling tiles. Contact CISCA for more information on how to get a copy of the white paper, or download it via the link below.

Acoustics in Healthcare Environments_CISCA


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