The birth of Fellert

17 January 2012 | Category: History (if we were allowed to write it)

cotton is the base material of FellertEveryone who has been in an empty room knows about the hard, unfriendly atmosphere there. It is not just the fact that there is no furniture, but just as much that every sound made in that room sounds hard, unfriendly and uncomfortable.

Everyone who has experienced that has also been amazed by the difference once the room is filled with furniture, curtains, pillows, paintings and whatever you can think of. Is it still the same room you wonder?

What once was hostile and unfriendly is now warm and cosy. It has become a room where one can live and be comfortable.

Maybe it was this difference in atmosphere in combination with living in the heart of the Swedish textile industry that drew John Fellert to start experimenting with cotton-based plaster as a sound absorber 15 years ago. To make a long story short, cotton turned out to be the perfect material to use in more or less every aspect. It was organic, recycled and therefore environmentally friendly, stretchable and therefore strong and binding.

Regardless of how much we would like to be able to tell a story on how years of advance research and development performed by the most skilled scientists gave us the product we see today, we just can’t. The product of today is nothing but a coincidence, however an extremely fortunate one.

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