Fellert’s new Business cards – appearance is everything

12 April 2012 | Category: The incomparable Fellert humor

A while ago we decided to renew our business cards. Having the strong opinion that most business cards are both ugly and boring, we were very determined to walk the line and come up with something completely new and different.


You can see the result below. Pretty cool, huh?


One response to “Fellert’s new Business cards – appearance is everything”

  1. Ioannis Stathopoulos says:

    Hello, well done for the fantastic website and your sense of humour! I fell…ert into your website by searching on acoustic plaster ingredients as I am designing my recording studio. Would I have more budget I’d buy tons of your mixes but I am in Greece you know and so on a low budget, can you e-mail me your pricelist though? If we really become short on food here, now I know what to eat!

    keep it up,

    Ioannis Stathopoulos

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