Bullet proof vest technology and Fellert Acoustical ceilings

17 April 2012 | Category: History (if we were allowed to write it), Things happens, Interesting facts


Here’s another excellent example on how the “Bullet proof vest technology” actually works.

Picture this:

– Our representative in Denmark, Mute has as showroom in the centre of Copenhagen. In this showroom there are  two cloud installations made with Fellert acoustical ceilings. One with a Secern finish and one with a Sahara finish.

These clouds have been supplied with electrical winches, so they can be lowered down to give the viewer an opportunity to overview also the backside of the installation.
















One morning when Marcus Kjellsson from Mute opened up his showroom he got quite a surprise. Both clouds had fallen down, as the suspensions had given up. The clouds had fallen down and half of it had landed on the table below and the other half was hanging loose from the edge of the table. The stucco was broken and the suspension grid, holding the cloud, was heavily deformed.













There was however something that wasn’t cracked or broken, despite the massive torsion caused by the deformed suspension grid and that was the Fellert Acoustical ceiling.

Marcus just stretched out the deformed suspension as straight as possible and hanged up the cloud in the ceiling a second time.

That is Bullet proof vest technology!

Do you want to know more about it. Read this old blog post on the subject







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