Fellert Alpha in restaurant Norra hamnen 5 in Lysekil, Sweden

30 January 2013 | Category: Restaurants, lounges & clubs, Great Sound, Good Looks

Crowded, noisy restaurants are often debated. Some people like peace and quiet others appreciate the “ambience” with a lot of people and a lot of surrounding noise. whatever you prefer is up to you.

If you should be on the west coast of Sweden, preferably in the summer period, make sure to do a stop in Lysekil. This small town situated on the very edge of the cliffs to the sea is a must see and the sea food is excellent.

If you should get hungry while you are there, you could make a stop at Norra Hamnen 5. The view is magnificent and a Fellert Alpha ceiling assures that you can enjoy your meal and the magnificent view in a peaceful and quite atmosphere.

Click here to get to the restaurant web site.

The contractor who has installed the ceiling is P. Chr. Rusch & son AB from Gothenburg.

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