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31 January 2013 | Category: Interesting facts, How does it really work, Restaurants, lounges & clubs, Great Sound, Good Looks

There are a lot of facilities where you need some kind of acoustical treatment but for design purposes, cultural value purposes etc. you are not able to use many of the different products available, simply because they will change the design too much. Acoustical plaster systems are ideal in the aspect that they can be designed with a great variety of textures, colours and shapes to blend in and match the design you desire. So far so good.

Acoustical plaster systems are normally systems built up of more than one layer of plaster. Therefore they need a bit of planning when installed since you have to include the drying time into the total installation time. When you have more than one layer of plaster you need to let the first layer dry before you can add the next layer. The drying time varies, but 2 – 4 days is not unusual.

This is not an issue at all for surfaces exceeding 500 m2 simply because you can continue to spray new areas while the areas already sprayed gets dry. But for smaller surfaces like in most restaurants, it can be of significant importance. The business can’t be shut down for such a long period of time. They need to have it done much quicker. It is not seldom that this dilemma leads to that they decide to use acoustic tiles instead, or even worse, decides to do nothing at all.

The Fellert Even Better Sahara texture is especially designed for quick installations. It is a one layer system which means that you can do the complete installation in one session and then you are done.

Read more about Fellert Even Better Sahara by clicking here


The pictures below are from a restaurant in Copenhagen called Retour Steak. Our Danish representative Mute did the complete installation in less than 24 hours.

this is really an ideal setup if a restaurant is in need of acoustical treatment and want to minimize the time they have to be closed.

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