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Why Christmas isn’t a Lean holiday

23 December 2016 | Category: How does it really work

You’re probably thinking I’m talking about all that rich food we devour over the Christmas holidays and how we need to keep an eye on our weight. But that’s not what I mean at all. What I’m talking about is what has mesmerized production industry in recent years, ever since Toyota pulled that legendary cord. […]

It’s not grey hair that makes you old

26 February 2016 | Category: Uncategorized

All my life I’ve heard the expression “old and grey”, so imagine my surprise when instead of going grey, I lost most of my hair in my early thirties. But me old? No, definitely not. Because you’re not old just because you’ve stopped sleeping in tents at rock festivals. The Hilton is almost walking distance […]

I leave the lights on as I fall asleep that night

30 September 2015 | Category: Hotels, spas & resorts, Good Looks, Good Looks

I convince myself that they actually think it’s attractive and leave the lights on as I fall asleep that night… King Gustav V was the distinguished Swedish regent who took Sweden through two world wars. Besides having a stretch of road named after him where his car once skidded into a ditch, he was also […]

Fellert Hong Kong Cantonese dinner experience

6 March 2013 | Category: Restaurants, lounges & clubs, Restaurants, lounges & clubs

One of many advantages of travelling the world is that you can experience a lot of different kitchens and local dishes. These pictures are from a very nice Cantonese restaurant in Hong Kong where we had a very nice dinner. On the menu were Duck tounge, 1000 year eggs & pork belly just to mention […]

Life goes on in the echo street

20 September 2012 | Category: Great Sound, Great Sound, Great Sound

What do you do once you get fed up with all the noise and traffic that goes on and on, night and day. Someone in Finland with the slightly amusing  street name Kaikukatu (echo-street in English) came up with quite a brilliant solution. just watch this:      

Bite me, it must be Fellert

30 August 2012 | Category: Uncategorized

As a sales representative you need to be prepared for anything. Architects that turns and twists, press and scratch etc. are everyday business for our sales representative, but one of these people took it to a completely new dimension. Just look!                           Here’s […]

Bloody Mary at the old pumphouse in Liverpool

25 August 2012 | Category: Things happens, Things happens, Things happens, Things happens

The old pumphouse right at the Docks in beautiful Liverpool surely is a nice pub, but Bloody Mary was not their cup of tea. They even made it out of botteled drink mix and completely without any kind of decoration. 1 Baldguy out of 10 for that

Bloody mary at Scotland Yard pub in Viimsi Estonia

27 April 2012 | Category: Uncategorized

Great spicyness, wonderfully decorated, nice tomato flavor. (too strong for our representative Stanley though) Blended by the Cocktail king of Estonia This is a definite 9 baldheads out of 10.

Fellert’s new Business cards – appearance is everything

12 April 2012 | Category: Uncategorized

A while ago we decided to renew our business cards. Having the strong opinion that most business cards are both ugly and boring, we were very determined to walk the line and come up with something completely new and different.   You can see the result below. Pretty cool, huh?  

Bloody Mary in hotel bar in GDansk

31 March 2012 | Category: Interesting facts, Interesting facts, Interesting facts, Interesting facts

The Fellert quest for the perfect Bloody Mary continues, this time in Poland. Great taste but it could have been a bit more spicy. Very nicely presented and definitely an extra point for the decorations. We’ll rate this 7 Baldheads out of 10.     The current top three standings are, so far: The Knickerbocker […]