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Launch – New Even Better Acoustical System

24 April 2015 | Category: Things happens, Great Sound, Good Looks, products

Create a bridge between materials and gain color consistency Our acoustical coating is now fully incorporated! When using Even Better Acoustical Coating as a complement to our system, we’ve seen a number of benefits: First of all, you’re gaining color consistency and stability – no more integral color. Using integrally colored materials requires skill and […]

Fellert contributes to an Even Better sound in IMAX movie theatre

22 April 2015 | Category: Theatres, auditoriums & concert halls, Great Sound, Good Looks

Kino Kosmos, a historic cinema, downtown Tallin, Estonia, has been “recycled” to fit the Baltics first IMAX movie theatre. Originally designed by architects Ilmar Laas and Udo Ivask, it was one of the 1960’s largest cultural projects in the Baltics. Now, Kino Kosmos’s at the forefront again, offering the latest technology within audio and visual […]

Happy Easter!

2 April 2015 | Category: Things happens, Good Looks

/The Fellert team

When surfing inspires architecture

20 March 2015 | Category: Museums, galleries & exhibitions, Things happens, Residences, houses & apartments, Good Looks

When surfing and the waves inspire architecture, interesting projects happen. One of them happened to us in Biarritz, another in Fujisawa. The Wave House, Fujisawa, Kanagawa in Japan, was designed by Appollo Architects & Associates to fit the owner’s surfer lifestyle and connect the indoors with the outdoors. Read more @ Wallpaper* Magazine.  In surfers’ […]

Fellert releases 2 new products – Even Better Acoustical Coating & Even Better Access Panel

17 February 2015 | Category: Things happens, Great Sound, Good Looks, products

Are you bold or are you shy?   Now you can have loud colors in a quiet room. With Even Better Acoustical Coating you can make bold statements but without making a lot of noise. Give a room attitude without sacrificing its acoustical qualities. Maybe you want to freshen up existing walls and ceilings, or […]

A blank Canvas – far from it

23 July 2014 | Category: Great Sound, Good Looks

Well, if you want them to be – but not when it comes to ideas and experience! We are happy to introduce you to our new member of the Fellert Europe family from the country of fjords, Norway – Canvas AS. With many years of experience within construction and interior design, Canvas offers both technical […]

Fellert Even Better, an important part of the new Bloch building at UMKC.

26 May 2014 | Category: Offices, schools & libraries, Great Sound, Good Looks

Thanks to a donation of 32 MUSD from Henry W. Bloch, a new building for Entrepreneurship and innovation were built at the university in Kansas City, UMKC. A Project team of, to mention a few, BNIM Architects, MRY Architects and the General Contractor J.E. Dunn, stand behind the project. The installation of the Fellert system […]

Old post office in Italian post renaissance style + Fellert Even Better = Performing arts center.

13 May 2014 | Category: Theatres, auditoriums & concert halls, Great Sound, Good Looks

At Fellert, we would like to take the opportunity to highlight this extraordinary example of how to use modern materials to preserve the original architecture and design. Together with the responsible architects at Studio Pali Fekete Architects, Fellert has been working on creating a ceiling that meets up to today’s requirements in sound environment, at […]

BMW = Fellert Even Better

30 April 2014 | Category: Museums, galleries & exhibitions, Great Sound, Good Looks

Boulevard de Waterloo is the Champs Élysées or Oxford Street of Brussels. A street where many internationally recognized companies have chosen to locate their boutiques and showrooms. One of the companies who recently decided to open up a showroom there, is BMW. The cars from BMW and the showroom itself goes hand in hand. They […]

Inspiration for those who want to use Fellert Even Better in the office environment

4 December 2013 | Category: Government, city & town halls, Great Sound, Good Looks

There was a time when offices were designed to be practical workplaces, nothing else. We imagine rooms that all look the same, in the same size and with the same decor. Just simply, square and practical.           As young, innovative companies made their way into the 2000s, the attitude to the […]